The Consciousness Field is a travelling interactive art installation where ideas about what consciousness is are collected. It was first created in 2009 for The Brain Unravelled exhibition in London at the Slade.

'With The Consciousness Field I address some of the challenges I encountered in anthropology: the absence of the study of consciousness, data collection, analysis, and public engagement. Theoretically 'The Consciousness Field' is grounded on Alfred Gell's concept of 'Art Agency'. ' Why is consciousness important? Is consciousness universal? Do all cultures have a concept of consciousness? Why is consciousness important in the face of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Can AI ever acquire the same complex and emotional texture as humans until the riddle of consciousness is solved, or will AI solve the riddle of consciousness?'

By participating in the installation one contributes to this twenty year project. In 2029 The Consciousness Field will be exhibited with a selection of the definitions of consciousness collected in different languages in the various countries it travelled to over the twenty year period.