Maria Lopes is an anthropologist/ artist/ art science curator who is particularly interested in neuroscience, and consciousness.

Maria moved to London in 1996 to study at university. Whilst reading European Studies she realised politics wasn't where her heart was. In 2001 she started to paint, and in 2003 she curated her first show. Following a period of globetrotting Maria went back to London, and in 2007 she read for a MSc in Social Anthropology at UCL.


With ‘The Lancet’, UCL sponsored ‘The Brain Unravelled’ at the Slade in 2009. 'The Brain Unravelled' was an art science exhibition that Maria conceptualised, and curated. It brought together some of the greatest minds in art, anthropology, and neuroscience such as Antony Gormley, Prof Chris Knight, and Prof Joshua Sanes. This was where Maria declared 'Cartesian Dualism is Dead: Cogito et Sentio ergo Sum' (I think, and feel therefore I am). Barbara Follett, then Minister of Culture in the UK, opened the show.

In 2013 Maria travelled through Asia, and South America to further expand her mind. In October 2018 the first collaboration with Prof Sir Colin Blakemore, and Prof Zoltan Molnar from the University of Oxford was presented at 'The Barn' in St John's College during IF - Oxford's Science & Ideas Festival.

This year 'The Consciousness Field' was taken back to UCL to celebrate it's 10 Year Anniversary. This time Maria collaborated with Prof Chris Frith for UCL's Neuroscience Festival #BrainPower.

Born in Lisbon 1977.